Client Testimonials

Syracuse Home Care has provided amazing quality care to my 101-year-old grandmother for almost two years.

During this time, our SHC caregivers have become an extension to the family. The care they provide allows my grandmother to continue to live in her own home in familiar surroundings. They are able to assess her health on a daily basis and alert us of health concerns. They accompany her and a family member to any doctor appointments.

The caregivers plan meals, buy food and prepare healthy meals and snacks. They provide companionship, treating my grandmother with respect and dignity. She is comfortable with them in her home and looks forward to their visits.

Syracuse Home Care has been flexible, working with my family when emergencies or unexpected appointments have come up. We feel incredibly fortunate to have a group of such caring individuals looking out for our grandmother.

– Lisa

Syracuse Home Care allowed our family the peace of mind knowing that our 85-year-old mother was able to live out the remainder of her life in the comfort of her home, living as independently as she had requested of her family. By providing companionship as well as home care duties, Syracuse Home Care staff quickly alleviated much of the stress associated with the care of an elderly parent and gave peace of mind to my brother and me, knowing our mother was being cared for in her home by extremely compassionate caregivers.

Syracuse Home Care was more than we could have ever envisioned and made a difficult decision to leave our mother in her home without concerns for her health or safety, an easy one.

– Jayson D.

I highly recommend the care giving services provided by Debbi Uzunoff and her organization, Syracuse Home Care.

I have an elderly mother in her mid-90s who requires companion care service so that she may continue to live in her home of 40 years. She is healthy but requires assistance around the house as well as assistance from an aide since she has dementia in the evening.

I was reluctant at first to hire anyone and was having family members assist my mother. Once it became apparent that she would need daily assistance, the services of Syracuse Home Care (then called
Creative Care Services) were recommended to me.

The aides are of the highest caliber. They treat my mother with respect and dignity, and they look out for her well-being at all times. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the work Debbi Uzunoff and her colleagues at her organization provide. They are sincere, honest and very trustworthy. It was a difficult step for me to ask for assistance, but the goal is to keep my mother in her home as long as she can be there, and be safe. The exemplary services provided by Debbi’s team made that possible.

– Paul L.

On Christmas Eve 2011 came the call that caregivers dread. My father had fallen at church and was being transported to the emergency room.

For the three years prior to this call, my dad had lived by himself in his own home. Family provided meals, housekeeping, bookkeeping and weekly visits. Dad’s fall resulted in a broken right wrist, his dominant hand. His arm in a cast, dad spent the holidays with my family. Immediately apparent was how difficult the activities of daily living were going to be for him. There was no way my father could get along on his own one-handed.

Inquiries were made and recommendations given for home aide services. After contacting four or five companies, it was decided that Syracuse Home Care best suited our needs. While all the organizations provide similar services, their fees and required hours per visit varied widely. SHC offered a two-hour per-visit minimum with a comparatively moderate per-hour fee. Dad’s preferred schedule of two-hour visits morning and evening on a daily basis could be accommodated immediately.

As part of the registration process, Deb U. made a home visit and completed a thorough documentation of dad’s situation: his needs, desires, schedule, health history, medications, doctors, and contact information. This information would remain on the refrigerator door available to all caregivers.

While dad’s wrist healed, the primary focus of the SHC staff was to assist with meal preparation, kitchen cleanup and the occasional errand. Two staff members became acquainted with dad during his six to eight weeks of recovery, with Deb U. stopping by regularly for assessments. Dad was consistently treated with kindness and dignity. In addition, and much to my relief, the caregivers also encouraged dad to complete his PT and OT exercises, gave him medication reminders and performed light housekeeping.

As the time drew near for my father’s cast to be removed, the realization dawned that this wonderful assistance with meal planning and preparation, general housekeeping along with seasonal cleaning, and the gift of companionship must continue. Who knew that dad’s accident would turn into such a blessing! We have experienced SHC as a compassionate and talented group of people dedicated to helping an individual remain comfortable and capable in his own home. Their organized approach combined with ease of communication create a professional yet “feels-like-family” environment.

As the months pass, it seems inevitable that my father will require increasing increments of care if he is to stay safe and comfortable in his own home. We’ll be counting on SHC in the years to come to help us achieve this goal.

– Wendy H.